Contracts in the Real Estate Brokerage
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Todd Cordrey
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The real estate contract is the most often used tool in the business. Real estate contracts are based on common law contract principles, so it is important that the professional must understand the key concepts and fundamental principles behind each type. It is a legally binding contract, and one must be able to diligently fill out and be careful in observing certain guidelines in creating a real estate contract. From transferring rights, closing deals, and using waivers, the real estate professional must be able to facilitate the whole process with ease. Knowing what you are doing and understanding every part of the process will make you the savvy real estate agent for your clients.

Course Details
Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

•      Highlight the fundamentals of Real Estate Contracts.

•      Look for the definition, and differentiate each type of Contract

•      Categorize agreement, offer and acceptance and their correlation with each other.

•      Identify the key considerations in creating a real estate contract between parties.

•      Cite the different defenses that may result to litigation and legal issues.

•      Breaking down the clauses between third party contracts.

•      List and define the types of conditions and differentiate each condition from the other.

•      Interpret the different grounds for breach of contract.

•      Cite possible issues or complaints and the corresponding solutions.

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