Believer Certification
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Todd Cordrey
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On-Demand Course
9.00 Professional Development Clock Hours
Price: $1,555.00

The Believer is new to the real estate business or needs extensive development with foundational knowledge and real estate sales skills.

This person has typically closed between 0-15 deals.  Their needs include understanding that they are starting a business and how to make that business profitable.  Most importantly, they must know they are responsible for their business survival. In addition, they must learn real estate sales contracts, transaction management, client management, and work-life balance. They should invest 20% of their time in learning, 65% of their time in prospecting, and the final 15% of their time in self-development.  If they have a purchase or listing contract, that should take up to 15% of the time from their prospecting schedule.  On a forty-hour weekly schedule, this breaks into 8 hours for learning, 26 hours for prospecting, and 6 hours for personal development. They rush to build a list of 50 people who will trust them with referrals and real estate transactions.  


The Believer Certification includes the following coursework:

  • Professional Development 9 hours
  • Continuing Education 18 hours
  • Annual Commission Update 4 hours  (CO Agents Only).


At the start of this professional development course, you will be given instructions for how to access the Continuing Education and Annual Commission Update courses that are included in the package.


Course Details
Learning Objectives
  1. Entrepreneurial Mindset:

    • Remember: Define the principles and responsibilities of starting a real estate business.
    • Understand: Explain the key elements of an entrepreneurial mindset and its relevance to the real estate business.
    • Apply: Demonstrate the ability to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset in hypothetical business scenarios.
  2. Profitability:

    • Remember: Recall the basic concepts related to business profitability such as cash flow, profit margins, and sustainable growth.
    • Understand: Interpret how these profitability concepts directly impact the success of a real estate business.
    • Apply: Apply profitability strategies in creating a mock real estate business model.
  3. Real Estate Sales Contracts:

    • Remember: List the key components of a real estate sales contract.
    • Understand: Explain the purpose and legal implications of each component in a real estate sales contract.
    • Apply: Construct a sample real estate sales contract for a hypothetical transaction.
  4. Transaction Management:

    • Remember: Identify the stages in a real estate transaction process.
    • Understand: Describe the significance of each stage in ensuring a smooth transaction.
    • Apply: Simulate a real estate transaction, addressing potential problems and providing solutions.
  5. Client Management:

    • Remember: Enumerate effective client management techniques in the real estate business.
    • Understand: Explain how these techniques contribute to client satisfaction and business growth.
    • Apply: Demonstrate client management techniques in role-play scenarios.
  6. Work-Life Balance:

    • Remember: Outline the importance of work-life balance for real estate entrepreneurs.
    • Understand: Discuss the consequences of poor work-life balance and the benefits of maintaining equilibrium.
    • Apply: Create a personal schedule that demonstrates a balanced allocation of time for work, learning, and personal development.
  7. Building Referral Networks:

    • Remember: Define the concept of a referral network in real estate.
    • Understand: Explain how a robust referral network contributes to business growth.
    • Apply: Devise a plan to build a network of 50 trusted individuals for potential referrals and transactions.
Education Credits
Professional Development
9.00 Professional Development Clock Hours
Price: $1,555.00

The certificate confirms that the individual listed above has completed all requirements for the professional development portion of the Believer Learning Track.
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