Thriver Certification
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Todd Cordrey
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On-Demand Course
11.00 Professional Development Clock Hours
Price: $1,664.00

The Thriver is a top or near-top producer doing between 16-65+ deals annually. Their needs include understanding how to turn their sales into passive revenue streams. Most importantly, they must know they are responsible for business growth through systems and team member development. They should develop a legacy and retirement plan through real estate investment, business investment, and charities. They should invest 20% of their time in learning, 30% of their time in prospecting, 30% in transactions, and the final 20% of their time in self-development.

On a forty-hour weekly schedule, this breaks into 8 hours for learning, 12 hours for prospecting, 12 hours for transactions, and 8 hours for self-development. They are strategically building a list of 300+ people who will trust them with referrals and real estate transactions.


The Thriver Certification includes the following coursework:

  • Professional Development 11 hours
  • Continuing Education 15 hours
  • Annual Commission Update 4 hours  (CO Agents Only).


At the start of this professional development course, you will be given instructions for how to access the Continuing Education and Annual Commission Update courses that are included in the package.

Course Details
Learning Objectives
  1. Transforming Sales into Passive Revenue:

    • Remember: Define the concept of passive revenue in the context of real estate.
    • Understand: Discuss the methods of transforming active sales into passive revenue streams.
    • Apply: Construct a plan for creating passive revenue streams from their current real estate sales.
  2. Business Growth through Systems and Team Development:

    • Remember: Recall the significance of systems and team development in business growth.
    • Understand: Interpret how systems and team development contribute to the scalability and growth of a real estate business.
    • Apply: Develop a plan for system optimization and team development to enhance business growth.
  3. Legacy and Retirement Planning:

    • Remember: Identify the key components of a comprehensive legacy and retirement plan, including real estate investment, business investment, and charity.
    • Understand: Discuss how each of these components contributes to a sustainable and impactful legacy.
    • Apply: Create a personalized legacy and retirement plan that aligns with their personal and financial goals.
  4. Time Management:

    • Remember: Outline the suggested time allocation for learning, prospecting, transaction handling, and self-development.
    • Understand: Explain the importance of each activity and its role in business growth and personal wellbeing.
    • Apply: Develop a personal schedule that reflects the recommended time allocation for their business activities.
  5. Building Larger Referral Networks:

    • Remember: Define the concept of a referral network in real estate.
    • Understand: Discuss how a larger, robust referral network contributes to business growth.
    • Apply: Formulate a strategy to build a network of 300+ trusted individuals for potential referrals and transactions.
Education Credits
Professional Development
11.00 Professional Development Clock Hours
Price: $1,664.00

The certificate confirms that the individual listed above has completed all requirements for the professional development portion of the Thriver Learning Track.
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