2024 Annual Commission Update (ACU)
Presented By:
Todd Cordrey
American Dream Real Estate School / Thrive Real Estate Education
On-Demand Course
4.00 Real Estate Continuing Education Credit Hours (CO)
Price: $39.95

Pursuant to §12-10-213(2), C.R.S.;

The real estate commission shall develop twelve (12) hours of credit designed to assure reasonable currency of real estate knowledge by licensees, which credits shall include an update of the current statutes and the rules promulgated by the commission that affect the practice of real estate.

Course Details
Learning Objectives
  • For students to gain awareness of actions necessary to enable compliance with 4 important regulatory areas
  • By learning from situational guidance, students will be able to better prepare for and respond to practice issues encountered​
  • With a highlight of changes made to 4 CREC-approved contracts and forms and new legislation, students’ newfound knowledge will help to better serve clients​
  • Awareness of key material will help facilitate your access to relative, up-to-date information

By registering for this course, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  1. When this course is presented in a live online format (via Zoom), it may be recorded and used to present future courses in a live classroom, live online, or on-demand format. I understand that my webcam image, voice, and chat/poll activities may be displayed throughout the recording, and I give permission for this recording to be used for such purposes as stated above.
  2. I have personally completed this Pre or Post license education course listed above without help from any other individual.  I have completed the prescribed hours without impersonation, and I have demonstrated mastery by passing the final exam.
  3. Under penalty of perjury, I swear that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  Fraudulent acts on the part of the student may result in corrective action, including but not limited to loss of license taken by the appropriate regulatory agency.
  4. The completion of this course in its entirety, with the provided registration data, may be treated as written permission for us, or our education partners, to view all records and contact the student by email or telephone at any time in the future, at any business, home or cell phone number that we may have on file, for feedback purposes or to provide information concerning additional course or other offerings available. Your information will not be sold to any third-party.
Education Credits
Real Estate Continuing Education (Colorado) 
4.00 Real Estate Continuing Education Credit Hours
Price: $39.95

American Dream Real Estate School is an approved provider of real estate education. Having fully met the requirements of the Colorado Division of Real Estate, the following course approval has been granted. Course Approval: 109856. Participants must keep certificates of completion on file for verification and audit purposes.
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